Monday, May 20, 2013


I have created this blog to share different recipes that I have tried and received positive comments from the people around me who tasted them. The name of the blog was inspired from the book 'Food tourism around the world' by Michael Hall, Liz Sharples, Richard Mitchell, Niki Macionis and Brock Cambourne (2003).  Food trends are changing every day due to the economic, social and environmental changes. Globalization have also significant impact on this change. People are more open to try new recipes even in more conservative societies. More people travel to try new food, as according to Long (2004) trying new food gives people a chance to explore another culture. Travelling is no longer a luxury and it is a need to relax, to escape from routine life, to explore different cultures, to meet different people who has totally different lifestyle than us.
 I myself have tried to taste local food in the places I have visited. Sometimes I liked, sometimes not. But for me it is always an exciting thing to taste something you never had before. If I like the food, I search for internet for the recipe and try it at home, as for me there is no leisure time activity more restorative than cooking and sharing it with friends accompanying with nice wine and conversation. I believe lots of people thinks in the same way I do, so I want to share my recipes with other people who are interested to explore new tastes without leaving their home.

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